About me

I’m a native Ohioan who grew up with a love of stories and writing, though my Midwestern pragmatism meant I never considered being a novelist myself. I enjoyed the works of others, even more so after taking senior English Lit in high school, where I learned even the loftiest literature is about human nature, and that the more novels I read, the better I might understand the world around me. (Thanks, Mrs. Lintern!)

Inspired by that class, I majored in English and graduated summa cum laude from Kent State University. After college I held jobs in public relations and marketing, eventually finding my way to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. I worked as a writer and editor during the day and earned a master’s degree in communications from John Carroll University at night. At the Fed I wrote speeches, edited publications, and coordinated employee events. I especially loved the challenge of writing about economics for people with no background in the discipline.

I now live in the South and am happy to be writing historical novels. I’m most content when I’m putting words together to create a sentence that says just what I wanted to convey. And I’m thrilled when someone connects with something I’ve written.